New! YAMAHA/ヤマハフットペダル/ベルトドライブFP720

New! YAMAHA/ヤマハフットペダル/ベルトドライブFP720



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Who We Are?

Health Physics Establishment (HPE) is a Saudi scientific specialty establishment, which was founded in 2002 to provide high quality scientific services for healthcare, education and industry institutions. HPE serves its customers with medical physics, health physics, and NDT according to the national and international standards and regulations. Additionally, HPE provides specialized training, consultations ...

Member in The Saudi Quality Council (SQH)

The Saudi Quality Council (SQC) plays a prominent role in supporting the progress of quality in Saudi Arabia and promoting its culture and modern applications in the entire society sectors. One of the most important successes in this context is SQCs major role in launching

King AbdulAziz Quality Award and its activities which came as a result of major efforts exerted by the Council and other advocates of the quality issue in the Kingdom driven by their awareness of the Awards role in contributing to reinforcing the economic growth in the Kingdom.

Contact Info

Riyadh - Sahafa - Prince Nasser bin Saud bin Farhan Rd.

Phone No

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